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Whilst I can't say that I've been scouring the newspapers for a story about blogs and how bloggers can and do play a part in influential wider-thought, I did come across an article in the Guardian yesterday on this very subject. It is claimed that blogging is being used for the first time as an election campaign tool (in the UK). It's quite brief and not very convincing and probably reflects the reality of this present time. However, there is still a week or so to go and things may develop much further. What is more, it's hardly reflects the situation in the USA presidential campaign portrayed by Hugh Hewitt in his book called Blog: Understanding the information reformation that's changing your world. Here he talks of blog-based 'swarms' emerging to contest controversial claims made by Kerry and Bush.


There's not much in the news this weekend about work except a commentary on a television programme on Channel 5 called 'Classroom Chaos'. OK it's on Channel 5 and that sounds a bit desperate in itself. However, if we look at the format alone - covert filming of school children to offer an account (just one account I must emphasise) of life working in the modern classroom - it has many parallels with the blogs about work that can be found on my blog and probably many times over elsewhere. The main point being is we are allowed a view of the world that is often very difficult to share and make sense of. I accept there are issues of confidentiality in all of these matters, but I sense that other agendas are always caught up in making this general and often exaggerated claim.


Two more work-related blogs to add. The first is of a paramedic and the second portrays the lives and times of a Taco Bell employee.


Taco Bell employee

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