How to blog safely about work - and other things...

Given that a blogger was fired in the last week for blogging about work I thought it may be a good idea to put some stuff on here about how people can blog about work (or anything else for that matter) and not get into trouble, or at least reduce the risks somewhat.

The information also covers those who do not blog anonymously. I'll start though with the statistics on fired bloggers.

Blogging and work - WorkSmart, TUC.

Statistics on fired bloggers - courtesy of Morpheme Tales

BLOGFIRED: Bloggers and Employers Test Each Others' Boundaries - Morpheme Tales (scroll down to entries dated 20 January 2005

How to Blog Safely (About Work or Anything Else) - courtesy of Electronic Frontier Foundation

Practicing safe blogging - courtesy of CNN Money

Chapter 12: How to not get Dooced - courtesy of Naked Coversations

How To Blog And Not Lose Your Job - courtesy of Tom Reynolds at Random Acts of Reality

Warning: Your clever little blog could get you fired - USA Today reports on bloggers and guess what - getting fired!

Blogging employees, beware - courtesy of Workplace Fairness

Yahoo! Personal guidelines 1.0

Media Guerilla - Corporate and Employee Blog Policies - Unplugged

FAQ: Blogging on the job - Declan McCullagh and Alorie Gilbert (CNET News)

Links To Corporate Blogging Guidelines & Suggestions - courtesy of Diva Marketing blog

How to Blog Anonymously - courtesy of Call center purgatory

Blogging With A Rubber - courtesy of Advocado green

If you have any links I could add to this then please let me know.

Finally, here is a link to what I've been led to believe are 'mil blogs' or 'soldier blogs' - a phenomenon where soldiers have created an on-line community and an audience made up of mainly non-military people.

Mil or soldier blogs of USA origin

Some quick examples:

American soldier
Adventures in Afganistan
When last we left our intrepid heroine...

If anyone knows of a list of British mil blogs then please let me know. Blogs of soldiers of other nation-states would be welcome too.


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Hello James, if you read this soon we would be ver interested to interview you this evening. I'm from BBC Radio 5. see your email to catch my number.


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British military blog -

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