How influential is your blog?

Most people seem to blog for a number of reasons and typically includes having some sort of fun, yet for some it's a very serious thing. It remains to be seen if work-related blogs can influence the inherently political workplace, especially in the UK. For me, if you can be fired for blogging, then employers are taking blogs seriously and therefore blogs are a useful tool for employees in this contested arena.

The bloggers have all the best news - In America, the first major study of web diaries reveals that they are shaping the political landscape like never before, but what of their British counterparts?

How times change when labour is scarce, yet business leaders continue to push for covert union avoidance policies. CBI backs family-friendly plans - Employers would be willing to extend paid maternity leave and introduce more flexible working rights, says business group the CBI.

Having said that, another article today suggests that one of the bedrocks of trade unionism - collective bargaining - is said to be on the increase in the UK. In brief, UK workers are increasingly using their right to collective bargaining when talking to employers about pay rises, Incomes Data Services (IDS) has found.

Lawyers threaten strike over low pay - Criminal barristers are demoralised over their earnings and could paralyse the criminal justice system by boycotting work on crown court trials listed to last up to two weeks, the government is warned.

One more new blog to add - a police officer in the UK and, one change of address - Newport and annoyances - becomes Newport (Sh)City Bits - the tale of a currently unemployed call centre operator from, guess what, Newport in south Wales, UK.

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