The real big brother and it's coming to a workplace near YOU

Before you read this article consider the number of ways your employer can monitor you at work. There may even be ways that you are unaware of. If you have worked for one employer or in one job for a while assess whether you are being monitored now more than ever. The spirit of Scientific Management and Taylorism lives on in the workplace except to an extent that Taylor, Ford, Babbage and Smith could never have envisaged. Firms tag workers to improve efficiency - Workers in warehouses across Britain are being "electronically tagged" by being asked to wear small computers to cut costs and increase the efficient delivery of goods and food to supermarkets, a report revealed yesterday . A cartoon comes with this story (wish I could put it here). It shows a women in a supermarket (presumably) who is browsing 'free-range chicken'. She asks of the sales assistant, "is it packed by free range workers?"

Union threatens casino pay strike - Casino workers could go on strike for the first time in a row over pay.

Mugabe police will be 'ruthless' with strikers - Zimbabwean police threatened yesterday to deal "ruthlessly" with anyone who joins a general strike called to protest against a government demolition campaign that has left some 200,000 of the urban poor homeless in the middle of the southern African winter. Acting "ruthlessly" to prevent strikes is by no means the bastion of totalitarian regimes, employers and governments in Western nations are ruthless in different ways.

Post walk out hitting deliveries - Postal deliveries in some areas of Belfast are being disrupted due to unofficial industrial action, Royal Mail has said.

Anaesthetist job plan for nurses - The NHS in Scotland is considering training nurses, science graduates and other hospital staff to look after the anaesthesia of patients during surgery

Fifteen more work-related blogs to add. The first you will notice appears to be two occupational-related blogging communities taking off, literally! They include airline pilots and flight attendants. There appears to be little evidence of any convergence on their blogrolls unlike medical-related blogs. A class division in the blogospere??

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