Birds of a feather blog together!

A big thanks to the Loopy librarian for pointing me in the direction of the "mother of library work blogs!" . Unfortunately, most of the blogs listed are very much written with librarians in mind, i.e. the blogs I'm interested in bring out the social activity and relationships that abound the workplace. I already have a good few librarian blogs blogrolled (perhaps someone could tell me why librarians are so keen on blogging). I'll have a closer look at this link later on, but I did find one good example of working life in a library:

Bad girl librarian

Also a very big thank you to Girl scientist for informing of several blogs, but one in particular. The blog in question is that of a 'bouncer'who works in a New York nightclub. Can't wait to have a good look at this one!

Nightclub bouncer

Four more blogs to end with: another one courtesy of Girl scientist - academic-related - one that I 'stole' from Random Acts of Reality. Sorry! The blog is particularly interesting as it 'dishes the dirt on England's tacky TEFL trade'. A journalist blogger and the boss of a call centre.

TEFL teacher
General manager of call centre

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