How do you communicate using the Internet?

I found this chart the other week [courtesy of S. Walker of Leeds Metro University] that positions the 'blog' alongside other emerging forms of communication technology. Suprisingly though, it misses out on general websites and email. Blogs are in the list amongst Groups (like at Yahoo), Instant Messenger, Podcasting, Really Simple Syndication (RSS), Voice Over IP, Wiki, and Atom (an alternative to RSS?). All of which were new to me until very recently. It's worth a look if you're learning all the time about blogs and how fit in with other forms of web-based communication.

Some current web communication technologies

Four work-related blogs to add today. A big thanks to those who sent them to me. What is more, I was only saying the other week that it would be interesting to see a blog about the Glasgow Underground and within the last 24 hours or so I am informed of three blogs about the London Underground (one on previous day). I'm sure over time we will see a side of the Tube never seen before.

Station supervisor
Station cleaner
Corporate slave!

I now have over 70 returned questionnaires and around 10 comments (some via email) on my preliminary analysis. Thanks ever so much!! I will be adding to my analysis in the weeks to come - updating what I went over before as well as revealing more of the responses from eight other aspects of blogging covered in the questionnaire. It seems there are at least a few more reasons as to why people blog about work.

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