What is a work-related blog?

I never actually thought to specifically define what I meant by a 'work-related blog'. This was mainly because I thought it was fairly self-evident. Having said that, now I regularly read quite a few of the blogs I refer to and have communicated with many bloggers, I feel I can lay down a firm set of criteria. Below are what I believe are the core constituent parts of a distinct form of blog. Please feel free to comment and offer comments on what I have to say. A work-related blog is…

1) written about the blogger's current job - could be factual, a mixture of fact and fiction, or a literary account. The job itself may involve employment, self-employment or a combination of the two.

2) a chronicle of personal experiences, feelings, reflections and insights of a work-related nature, i.e. it is not a commentary on work in general (like my blog is at times). However, a work-related blog need not just be about work although work-related matters must be a prominent objective of the blog itself.

3) written by an individual although some blogs may involve a varying degree of collaboration, e.g. Miasplat, 24 hour support people,etc.

4) typically written in an anonymous fashion. It appears that this may allow the blogger to be frank as possible about their work. At the same time, anonymity protects against the distinct possibility of being dismissed by the blogger's employer. Where bloggers reveal their identity the issues put forward tends to be more specifically defined or ring fenced. Both types of blog allow equally valid insights into work-related matters.

5) an informal means of facilitating communication with people the blogger serves, collaborates or is associated with as an employee, i.e. see most teaching, medical and law-based blogs. In some cases it may even be a medium by which workers living and working overseas keeps in touch (sometimes en masse) with relatives, friends or even work colleagues 'back home', e.g. 75 degrees south, and Swedish chef Dave

6) about the social and political and not so much the technical aspects of work, i.e. the social interaction between colleagues, subordinate and superordinate, worker and customer, etc.

NOTE: the reason why people blog about their work are numerous and in turn, blogging serves a number of purposes. See previous entry - So, why do people blog about work?

If you blog about your work and you are not listed on my blog then please contact me through my PROFILE. Please feel free to contact me directly or leave a message if you have any comments on my research and/or blog.

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