All quiet on the workplace front

Not much news to report from my usual resources. However, the story about Microsoft's collusion with the Chinese government continues to be commented on.

Microsoft helps China to censor bloggers - The American company is helping censors remove "freedom" and "democracy" from the net in China with a software package that prevents bloggers from using these and other politically sensitive words on their websites. I'd like to know to what extent employers in the Western world track blogs looking for 'sensitive words', i.e. their name being mentioned by less recognised forms of media.

Here's a story that I missed earlier on in week that suggests schools are 'failing to prepare' students for workplace. Perhaps the answer would be to get them to look at the blogs on my page - an eye opener if there ever was one!

The lack of news brings me to pull out an interesting story from the Guardian's archive. It concerns all those people working out there who may have missed out on the travelling so many university students, or generally younger people tend to do - commonly referred to as the 'gap year'. The article suggests 'more and more professionals are taking time out of the rat race' - Arranging a grown-up gap year. Would like one myself, but this year it's LegoLand, Dr. Who exhibition and a week of camping with a six-year-old, somewhere in Scotland!

Late news!

Are you a manager who can't sleep at night? Well, you're NOT alone? - Performance and staff shortages keep managers awake at night - The Red Eye Report shows that 63% of respondents are losing sleep worrying about their own futures. In fact , more than a third (35%) admit that the stress is such that given the option to start again they would choose a different career altogether.

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