Call centre blogs

Today I'm adding 12 blogs that are all or in part related to working in call centres. I now have 21 blogs of this nature linked from my blog and by volume puts this occupational group up with there with other blogger-prone professions such as teaching, nursing, librarianism, etc.

Callgirl confessions
Three partial walls
Your call is very important to us
A world around me
Call center management
Call center steel cage death match
Craziest call center
And another thing...
East of Adelaide
The call center qa blues
wabi my sabi

Other call centre blogs already on my blogroll are:

Call centre confidential
Call centre guru
Pop dizzy
The boss man
Call center purgatory
Call centre redemption
Get off my case
My worst call of the day
The supervisor of customer service hell

NHS staff sickness among highest - Nursing ward staff take more sick days per year than most other public sector workers, the NHS inspectorate says.

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