Ever been harassed at work?

According a survey of more than 1,000 UK workers by Mercer Human Resource Consulting 40 per cent of Staff feel unable to report workplace harassment - while more than a third say they are unable to complain about dishonest or unethical behaviour.

Faking it - CV fraud is rife in all sectors and at all levels – and many job candidates do not see anything wrong with it.

Fast and furious? - Symptoms similar to attention deficit disorder are being caused by information overload.

NHS staff 'reject own hospitals' - Up to a third of NHS staff in hospitals would want to be go elsewhere for treatment, a survey has found.

Trouble could be brewing at Merseyrail - union shock at cup final sackings - two ticket collectors have been sacked for listening to Liverpool's European Champions League victory.

Some blogs to add of an aviatory nature...

...welcome to the wonderful world of Miss Anderson - a self-confessed 'trolley dolly' (UK)
Life's mostly scars and souvenirs - member of pit crew (USA)
The jumpseat diaries - flight attendant (UK)
The flying life - cargo pilot (USA)
This is your captain speaking - commercial pilot

I suppose I should mention a range of blog directories I've come across that contain mostly, but not all work-related blogs...

Thirty thousand feet - aviation blogs and podcasts
Emergiblogs - the ring for EMTs, Paramedics, ER Docs, Flight Crews, and ER/ICU Nurses who have weblogs.
Anonymous work blogs - for people who post anonymously about their jobs
Legally inclined weblogs - a ring of attorneys, law students, and other legal professionals who maintain weblogs or personal websites
Edublog webring - a community of teachers, technologists, librarians, and others who are interested in integrating weblogs into their classroom
Firefighters & EMTs coffee counter - firefighters, emts, medics,police websites
Scholars who blog - how scholars are using blogs in their classrooms and as online research tools, vehicles for collaboration and academic publishing, and sites for academic discourse
Librarian Blogs and Sites Internet Directory - this is the librarian's blogs librarian's index to the internet librarian blogs

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