India calling?

Call centre staff lured to India - A UK firm is recruiting 150 graduates to work in Indian call centres for a few hundred pounds a month.

Policeman is Britain's best boss - A policeman who gave his staff the chance to work more flexibly has been named Britain's best boss.

MoD vows to fight sexual harassment
- Military chiefs yesterday escaped the prospect of unprecedented legal action by promising to do more to to root out sexual harassment in the armed forces.

They protest too much - an editorial by Polly Toynbee about overpayment of Child Tax Credits. I think one of the best point to come out of this essay is to suggest that tax credits are really a massive hidden subsidy to low pay, allowing employers to pay sub-survivable wages in this most unequal of EU countries. As Toynbee notes - 'When did the CBI ever murmur a word of thanks?'

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