Pay for top-level employees

Pay hike for public sector chiefs - Pay for top-level employees in the UK public sector increased by 9.5% last year, according to a new report from analysts Incomes Data Services.

Greek unions call general strike - A three-week bank strike in Greece will this Friday expand into a 24-hour general walkout, as workers protest at planned pension and labour reforms.

LA Times 'wikitorial' gives editors red faces - It was the boldest of innovations. A chance for the mainstream media to strike back against the upstarts of the online world. On Friday the Los Angeles Times - an unwieldy broadsheet newspaper - launched its "wikitorial", an interactive device allowing readers to contribute to and rewrite its editorial column.

Blogging Employees, Beware - Employees who choose to talk about what's happening at work, whether it's positive, negative, or neutral, run the risk that their employers will discipline or even fire them, based on what they say in a blog that was written "on their own time."

Four blogs to add:
Retail Record - manager of a medium-sized store records tales of actual events (USA)
Law and disorder - police officer (USA)
I'm not fired yet? - Bloggin' through another year of teaching English 101 and mentoring the kickass new TAs along the way (USA)
I am a teacher - full-time maths teacher at a junior highschool (USA)

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