Theft in the workplace

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Punitive art - A 'web domain expert' who works for a federal agency

Work news from the last few days

Workplace theft reaches all-time high - A survey of 529 UK employers by law firm Peninsula found that 87% of them admitted to having a problem with theft during the past year – a 10%...

Days lost to strike are sure to rise again this year if disputes like this are not resolved - Public unions vow fight to save retirement at 60 - The government is heading for a full-scale confrontation with the trade union movement over plans to raise the normal retirement age from 60 to 65 for millions of workers in Whitehall, the health service and local government.

UK labour disputes in 2004 - official strike statistics for UK courtesy of ONS (PDF file). Also see Days lost to strikes soar to nearly 1m for one interpretation of these findings.

Firms must plan for dearth of young - An ageing population means that there will not be an inexhaustible supply of young people.

Spies like us - The discovery of a huge industrial spying ring in Israel which used computer viruses to probe the systems of a host of major rival companies has...

Hundreds of miles for GP's shifts - A doctor in Germany regularly travels hundreds of miles from his home to fill in shifts for an out-of-hours service in north Wales.

Chinese blogs face restrictions - The Chinese government has announced plans to police web forums, chat rooms and blogs alongside other websites.

TUC Changing Times - latest news related work complied by the TUC

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