The end of the office desk...?

Study finds days of the desk are numbered - The office desk, as we know it, may have had its day. A large study on the future of work in the UK predicts the rise of the "mobile worker" moving - laptop and mobile in tow - between office, home, hotel, airport lounge or motorway service station as the needs of a job demand. I seem to remember a similar prediction 20 years ago and then we got the often dreaded call centre!

Workload reforms 'not optional' - Schools' Minister Jacqui Smith has defended workload reforms for teachers as key to raising standards in schools.

Junior doctors face unemployment - Unemployment has become a serious threat to junior doctors, the British Medical Association has warned.

Employees vent anger at O2 annual meeting - A fierce row erupted at O2's annual meeting yesterday, culminating in the eviction of an elderly shareholder who twice invaded the podium to call for the resignation of the mobile phone company's chief executive.

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