Never mind the chickens

Better watch out when playing tag - the growing use of electronic tagging raises serious questions about employees' privacy and well-being.

The tagging devices, known as "wearables", are worn on wrists, waists or fingers and deliver instructions to employees on how to carry out their work. The advantages for the employer are obvious. The employee issuing the instructions need not be located in the same place as the employee receiving them. With computers logging customers' requirements, sending instructions, tracking the location of deliveries and assessing what stock requires replenishing, it is easy to see the cost savings involved. Reducing the number of people involved in the process could also avoid the potentially expensive errors that occur with a manual system, such as incorrectly completed pick-lists, transcription errors and delays in communication.

Believe it or not the article, written by incidentally for a personnel journal, suggests in general that this may not be a bad thing providing it's managed well!


Argos_Employee said...

Well why not just brainwash was and command us what to do. Or better yet why don't they get robots to do their work. The Fat Cats can make more money and the employees thrown out? Thats what it looks like is going to happen.

KH said...

The Big supermarkets will come up with some way of utilising this technology.
It will be introduced initially as an advance in H&S; evacuation in case of fire, head count taken my Rf receiver, that sort of thing.
I can think of some ways it could be beneficial but here are asmany ways it would be negagtive.