Web-based defiance and solidarity

Defiance and solidarity on the web - From messages of support superimposed on well-known London landmarks to angry weblogs and defiant postings on community message boards, the internet was fizzing with responses yesterday to the London bombings.

'We had 50 images within an hour' - Just as the internet was said to have arrived as a major news source during the events of 9/11, blogging may come to be seen as the new news essential as of last week - from Wednesday, when email inboxes and irreverent blogs burst with pictures mocking the French Olympic bid, to 24 hours later when the internet mood had utterly changed.

Don't take the job away with you - You won't be next to the manager on the beach or the bistro, but six out of 10 workers are unable to switch off from the office while on holiday.

UK workers take fewer sick days - UK workers took fewer days off sick in the past year, a survey from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) suggests.

Strike hits Indian tea production - Nearly half a million tea labourers have started an indefinite strike in the Indian state of West Bengal.

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