400 work-related blogs

I've been slacking in recent months in my quest to find as many work-related as possible. I set my sights on getting 500, so 400 is near as damn it for now.

Classroom connection - school teacher
Jenny D. - doctoral candidate
Let the learning begin - 2nd grade school teacher
March of the Platypi - nurse
My flying blog - airline pilot
Prof. Goose and his ramblings - academic
Sassy the nurse - nurse
Stepping stone - elementary school teacher
The drunken Lagomoroh - nurse
The lady with the lamp...not! - nurse
The life of a "freight dawg" - freight pilot
UK student nurse - obvious!
University diaries - academic
Yankee alpha foxtrot bravo - pilot


D Bunny said...

Thanks for the link! I've never seen a blog like yours, and it's pretty fascinating. Glad I saw you in my referrals! :)

ukstudentnurse said...

Hey, that is me only found you linked here becuase someone put me in blogshares and I found the link.