Blogs about work in general

Similar to my blog, here are a list of links that look at work from a number of perspectives. I've mentioned some before, but best to keep them all in one place.

Retail Worker - forum for retail workers and relates to IWW union
Master and servants - a voice for workers
Shameless restaurants - voice of all struggling bar and restaurant workers
I work with fools - where you can read or anonymously share work related stories about the foolish coworkers and bosses we all deal with daily
You are worth more! - clock out, loin, seak up!
Fuck this job - the "I hate my job" blogging community
Badbossology - features completely free access to over 1200 articles and resources on solving problems with difficult managers.
WorkWorries - over 1,200 links to articles and resources to help you address work-related problems
Spread the slack - how to live each working day if it's your day off
The alchemy of soulful work - This blog offers holistic ideas and practical suggestions for incorporating the principles of Soulful Work into our roles as leader, manager, spouse, parent, and other important activities.
The monster blog - unconventional career advice
The occupational adventure - nurturing passion in careers
Workplace fairness - focuses on legal and political information relevant to employee rights and fairness issues in the workplace
Worthwhile: Work with purpose, passion and profit - a business orientated magazine dedicated to working life
Recruiting blogs - RSS feed to around 50 work-related blogs (as above).
Bosses suck - forum for disgruntled workers

There's one for everyone!

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C.M Russell said...

James here is another source for work related blogs...enjoy.

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