Ever regretted blogging about something?

Blog in haste, repent at leisure? - a temptation to comment on an event straight away could conflict with the facts that later emerge. You can give your opinion (and read the words of others) on the matter at the end of the article.

The CV detectives - dealing with people who falsify their CV.

New blogs
Life on the tube - London Underground station supervisor
Cherry ripe - office slave
Survivor worker - involvement worker (mental health)
Tales from the "Liberry" - liberrian!
Pip pip - student midwife
Principle's office - school principle

Up-dated blogs (name change)
Chemicals: A view from Europe- AKA 'Chemical industry insider'
Bus driving - AKA 'Just a job'

Worth looking at...
Whistling in the wind - an English park football referee!

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