Mutiny in the call centre

Call centre staff invoke grievances over withdrawal of tea break - Travel agency Thomson is facing a staff mutiny at its Glasgow call centre after management scrapped workers' afternoon tea break. The 400-strong workforce has pledged to get the company to do a U-turn after it ditched a second paid 15-minute break of the day for agents working eight hours a day.

Wildcat strike on Edinburgh buses - Edinburgh bus drivers have staged a walk-out a week before official action is due to begin in a dispute over pay.

Bank sorry for 'insult' cash card - A high street bank has said sorry to a customer after sending him a debit card containing the words "Dick Head"!

Every second a blog - but not for the long slog - A new blog is born every second, according to blog tracking site Technorati's latest research into the explosion of personal publishing sites. For more details follow this link: Technocrati.

Peace at last? - Wherever their sympathies lie, Irish bloggers are cautious about celebrating the IRA calling an end to their armed campaign for a united Ireland.

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Charles said...

James--Saw 8 billion teachers with blogs but not any administrators or principals.

So here is my entry into that world!

Thanks for the links!