Unusual jobs

The BBC News website is looking at people who do unusual jobs...

Playing the fool - court jester
If I could talk to the animals - animal psychologist
'Head for heights required' - human cannonball
'I have a great relationship with the birds' - Ravenmaster
'If anyone is exploited it is the men' - porn actress, model and presenter on an adult channel
'It really is quite safe' - "rope access technician"
Tackling the tension of a stable life - a horse masseuse!

'Whistleblower' exam marker quits - A man who worked for an exam board has left his job after claiming he was given just 20 minutes' training to mark GCSEs.

Meanwhile the Gate Gourmet dispute is set to go international - US unions pile pressure on Gate Gourmet - Gate Gourmet was last night threatened with industrial action in the US if it does not conclude a deal with the 670 workers sacked at Heathrow. However, Gate Gourmet has since tried to temper worker grievances by offering enhanced redundancy packages - Caterer outlines redundancy offer. Moreover, Polly Toynbee continues to use the case of Gate Gourmet to raise our awareness of low and poor treatment of low paid workers in the UK - Don't shrug off low pay.

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