Employers want it both ways

Here are two contrasting articles that defies belief - one that says workers commonly work through their lunch breaks for no extra reward to keep the business going (and keep customers happy, etc.), and another that suggests workers should be penalised for taking 'fake sickies'. See lunch hour is a myth for travel agent staff (Dan Thomas, Personnel Today) and employers favour pay cuts to weed out 'sickie' fakers (Personnel Today). It seems that employers openly encourage working beyond contract, which is often to the detriment of the employee's health, yet protest when workers take a day off sick for anything other than a life-threatening ailment.

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Chicken Little said...

I typically eat lunch at my desk. Although I do some personal things on the computer while having this "lunch," I estimate that half my time is spent answering phones, assisting other employees, and assisting the boss even though he knows I'm "at lunch."

It makes for a long, long day.