Blogs - the next big challenge for big business and governments?

According to a survey by The Guardian (undertook by ICM Research), a third of all young people online have launched their own blog or website. Arguably one of the other key findings is the suggestion that blogging is far from being a solitary activity, i.e. it is clear that blogging brings with it a range of thriving and enthusiastic on-line communities. Such a discovery suggests a significant challenge ahead for any body wishing to inflitrate the minds of the community members and shape their opinions, for whatever reason. The article by Owen Gibson can be found here - Young blog their way to a publishing revolution. There is also an editorial on the same subject here.

Just one indication that big corporations are seriously interested in the blogging phenomenon sees AOL venturing into the blogosphere by buying Weblogs. On Friday, America Online agreed to acquire a publisher of 85 niche weblogs, a sign of the growing popularity and commercial value of the "blogosphere". AOL, owned by Time Warner, is paying about $25m (£14m) for Santa Monica-based Weblogs Inc (David Teather, The Guardian). BBC News also picked on the story - AOL to buy leading blog company.

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