The daily life of migrant labour

Read about a week in the life a Chinese builder beginning to work in the UK- Diary of a migrant worker (The Guardian). A shame that it hasn't been turned into a blog.

Those on national minimum wage will be pleased to know that it is increasing to £5.05 ($8.94) from today (BBC News). The 18 to 21 year old rate also goes up to £4.25 ($7.52). Provisional recommendations by the Low Pay Commission suggests rates are to increase to £5.35 ($9.47) and £4.45 one year ($7.88) from now, respectively.

Confused by IT terminology such as javascript and jpeg? Well, you're not the only one and the bulk of office staff are 'baffled by IT jargon' (The Scotsman).

If your current job hasn't turned out as you planned, or you are in a job that is not fulfilling as it once was, then Andrew Taylor of The Times considers alternative strategies to just finding another job - try and alter the job.

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