An interview with a work blogger

I came across an interesting article the other day whilst browsing Opinionistas - a blog about a lawyer who works for a big New York law firm. In the article, Opinionista is interviewed by The Record: The Independent Newspaper at Havard Law School. The interview can be found here. Apparently, the main reason for beginning what has turned out to be a very popular blog is based on advice from her doctor - a way to maintain optimum mental health in a high pressure job! Opinionista has also attracted quite a range of media interest and you can see several articles that relate to her blog by referring to Opinionista's Media love entry.

To add to Opinionsta's motivations to blog about her work, I've looked through some bookmarked articles (not previously mentioned on my blog), which cover this issue in some way. For instance, see Bloggers reveal their motives (BBC News), Spilling the beans (Jim McClellan, The Guardian), Telling tales (Jim McClellan, The Guardian), Looming pitfalls of work blogs (Jo Twist, BBC News), New kids on the blog (Susan Mansfield, The Scotsman), and, Words get around (Quin Parker, E-Health Insider).

I've been looking at why people blog about their work and came to the following conclusions in the entry made in April - So, why do people blog about their work?. I've gathered a quite a lot more data on why people blog about work (and continue to do so) and expect to publish something quite soon.

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