Clamping down on "negative energy" in the workplace

I came across an article - Two moans and you're out (Michael Miller, Personnel Today) - that reports on a German company that has made whingeing in the office a sackable offence! It goes on to say that employees now have a clause in their contracts which states:

Moaning and whingeing is forbidden...except when accompanied with a constructive suggestion as to how to improve the situation.

Apparently, three employees have fallen foul of the new rules, including one who left because she said there "was nothing to talk about any more". I can't decide whether to take this seriously or not as it certainly has its humerous side. Whingeing, especially if it goes on for ages, is a painful for most to put up with, but it could also be the only open means by which some workers can display their discontent with management, or whatever. I don't know anything about German labour law, but you'd struggle to sack someone in the UK for moaning and whingeing, although I'm sure more than a few people would be quickly out of a job if you could!

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