Do bloggers need unions?

I've mulled over whether bloggers would eventually go on to form unions, or some sort of formal representation-like body, for sometime. However, I've always kept my thoughts to myself. On reading one of the Queen of the Sky's latest entries to her popular blog - Diary of a Fired Attendant - I saw that the very issue had been raised at a recent blogging conference. Apparently, when asked whether bloggers could bring down a major corporation, Simonetti replied with a definite yes. See the entry Thoughts from The Blogging Enterprise Conference entry for more details.

The main thing is bloggers have legitimate interests (such as free speech and the right to be politically active) that almost certainly conflict with the interests of employers, governments, media corporations, etc. Not forgetting that the interests of one blogging group may conflict with the interests of another blogging group. Although it may be premature to suggest that bloggers either need to, or are about to unionise, the conditions for seeking collective representation are certainly there.

Up-date (14/11/05). I've been informed of two organizations that are aimed at protecting bloggers' interests - Commitee to protect bloggers and BlocPac: Waging politics online.

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