Does work make you vomit?

This is a serious question by-the-way! If work does make you vomit (and it's not because of the booze) then according to some research by the Standard Life Bank and The Future Laboratory you are probably in middle management, over 45 years of age, and having difficulty coping with changing workplace practices. Other symptoms include: panic, fear and nausea. The report estimates there are 2.8 million sufferers in the UK alone. For more details see 'Vomiting executives' on the rise (Standard Life Bank).

Searching around in the Standard Life Bank press release also drew me to another interesting article - Goodbye Sunday night blues, the 'seven-day' weekend is here (Standard Life Bank). What grabbed my attention was reference to "binge working", or, the practice of undertaking a mammoth work session for a relatively short period of time i.e. 48 hours, in exchange for an equal amount of time off. Interestingly, the report predicts that while a small number of people are using these techniques now, in 15 years binge working could spread across industry sectors and an increasing proportion of the working population will be using them.

Apparently, both press releases come from a report entitled Freestyle generation: A Report for Standard Life Bank By The Future Laboratory (executive summary only) (The Future Laboratory). The report appears to be about the changing nature of work and the changing role of our homes in the alleged shift. If labels such as "new entrepreneurial nomads", "bullet-proof professionals" and "cybermediaries" interest or appeal to you then look no further.

Personally, I find it absolutely astonishing that no criticism is made of the findings.

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