Frustrations of senior executives revealed

According to a report by the Chartered Institute of Managers (CIM), senior executives are left frustrated by an inability to make decisions. The research, which questioned 615 senior executives, reveals that managers are confident in their own ability, but face hurdles in the shape of pressure from colleagues, bureaucracy and a lack of resources. Looks like senior managers are not immune to the frustrations felt by all employees.

The survey also identifies the key characteristics that make good decision-makers and highlights how the UK’s senior managers make up their minds. A copy of the short report can be accessed here.

Seriously though, in wanting to ensure frustrated senior managers are supported on this matter, the CIM offers a dedicated website that covers issues such as decisions about recruitment, change management, conflict resolution, and the art of decision making. The site also offers practical tips, case studies and suggestions about how to deal with workplace dilemmas.

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