The reality and abuse of global labour markets

Waiting for really interesting, yet critical articles of a work-related nature can be like waiting for a bus - i.e. you wait for ages then two or three come at once. However, yesterday's posting on 'board guys' pales into insignificance compared to the act of "poaching" of overseas doctors in Out of Africa from The Guardian newspaper.

The bulk of the article is dedicated to interviews with three doctors who left Africa to work for the British NHS - and then visited the hospitals they left behind. The essence of the article is to consider the ethics involved in luring (or perhaps poaching) doctors from countries who would dearly like to keep them versus a NHS which could collapse without sourcing staff from vulnerable nations. The main point being, at what point should we draw the line between seeing such behaviour as rational actors acting within national and international law, and, an outright abuse of global labour markets that favour the rich over the poor?

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