Working long hours: The new organizational status symbol?

According to the article Being busy 'new badge of honour' (Alexandra Frean, The Times), working long hours, once regarded as the miserable but unavoidable fate of the lower classes, has been elevated into a badge of honour among the well-off. It goes on to state that today’s privileged classes are more likely to boast about being kept in the office until late at night. What is more, there is mounting evidence to indicate that people feel busier now than people of 40 years ago. Sounds like the "lunch is for wimps" and "macho management" of the 1980s has spread upwards to me.

For more details about the study mentioned in this article consider this link to the Institute for Social and Economic Research. From there you can also access the actual discussion paper entitled "Busyness as the badge of honour for the new superordinate working class" by
Jonathan Gershuny.

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