Ever wondered why you just can't get things done at work?

According to an article by Eben Harrell of The Scotsman, office workers are interrupted every 11 minutes by e-mails, phone calls or taps on the shoulder from colleagues. Interruptions are also said to consume an average of 2.1 hours of every working day, or 28 per cent of the average person's nine-to-five schedule.

What follows is the usual stuff about how much it costs business, i.e. $588 billion in the USA and £34 billion in the UK. Even though, as a colleague of mine - Dr. Howard Kahn - quite rightly points out: certain interruptions could increase productivity.

Perhaps someone should work out what would happen if we never lost time through illness, listening to the boss complaining about hard he works, time wasting, taking time of for sick kids, going to the toilet, talking to friends at work, etc. There would be a few more people on the dole to say the least. For more details see Why you can't get work done.

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