Hierarchy, heterarchy and responsible autonomy in organizations

I heard a very interesting podcast just last night on the very subject - i.e. hierarchy, heterarchy and responsible autonomy in organizations.

In In Business, Peter Day talks to a revolutionary thinker in the world of British management along with some world wide luminaries in the working world about why organisations function badly, if at all.

Don't get your hopes up if you are expecting someone to predict an impending end of the so-called old command and control bureaucratic form of work organization, i.e. Gerard Fairtlough, a management guru, believes it may be a century before responsible autonomy becomes a dominant feature of how we work.

A link to the In Business site can be found here. As far as I'm aware the podcasting is available for download for a week or so. Please contact me if you are reading my posting after that point and would like help in attaining a copy.

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