The price of work

BBC News, today, has been drawing attention to the soaring cost of childcare.

In more detail, the average cost of a full-time nursery place in Britain has reached £7,400 a year (around £142). What is more, childcare costs have risen significantly above inflation in the last year, with Scotland up by 8 per cent and Wales up by 7 per cent.

Some of the rise can be attributed to the rise in minimum wages typically paid to child-minders or nursery workers. However, it seems that another significant reason can be related to demand far outstripping supply.

A further interesting point reminds us in the UK, despite new government policies introduced in the last few years, parents in the UK still have to pay about 75 per cent of their total childcare costs, compared to a European average of 30 per cent. Ouch!

See Nursery costs soar, charity says for further details.

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Shola said...

It is a catch22 situation, my wife is currently looking after our 2 young children under 2 years, and going back to work is out of the question at the moment as she would just be putting money into the hands of childminders!

I want to fly a hang glider across the UK