Public sector wikis

It seems that there is evidence to suggest wikis - website that can be instantly edited by anyone viewing it - have arrived in the UK. For instance, Open Source Software Watch - to allow users to build a guide for academics on using open source software, and, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister - focused on local government e-Innovations projects.

Indeed, in Public sector catches wikimania SA Mathieson of The Guardian gives an account of how several UK state-sector organisations are setting up their own 'wikis', but with stronger safeguards than Wikipedia.

In brief, the rise of such wikis appears to be about sharing best practice or in some cases allowing people to share information on how they cope with a particular problem. It seems wikis could be used by any group of people willing to share information of some sort. I personally believe this is something that the labour movement could make good use of, i.e. sharing information about organizing campaigns, advice on how to deal with unreasonable employers, etc.

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