Sickness and absence at work: Are the British malingerers or is there something wrong with how we work?

This is said to be the basis of this weeks "In Business" series that comes courtesy of BBC Radio 4.

Further details of the downloadable radio show (MP3 file or just listen on your PC) are as follows:

"Sickness absence in the workplace: who's sick - the worker or the organisation?

Sometimes people are too ill to work, sometimes perhaps they just don't feel like it. According to the labour experts absenteeism in Britain has been stubbornly high for the last three decades. For employers, the CBI estimates being absent is costing 12 billion pounds a year in lost days at work.

On average a public sector worker is off 9.1 days every year, in the private sector the average is 6.4 days.

So is Britain a nest of malingerers or is there something wrong with the way we work, or the way work works?"

You can listen to the programme or download the podcast here.

On the work-related blog front I'm happy to announce that Call Centre Confidential has started up again after a year long hiatus.

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