What would you do for promotion?

According to a survey quoted in a Personnel Today article, half of all British workers are willing to sleep with their boss to get them promotion.

More specifically, 51 per cent of those surveyed said that if promotion depended on sleeping with their boss, they would agree to the indecent proposal rather than report them. What is more, "more than two-thirds (a wonderfully appropriate 6 per cent) admitted to having had an affair at work, but two out of three of the relationships didn't work out."

It's only a survey after all and the key word is "willing" rather than would actually go through with it. Even then, can we always assumes that the boss in such situations would want to sleep with his or her subordinates? For me, even if there is a shred of true in the findings, I'd be more inclined to emphasise how workplace misbehaviour plays such a significant part in how organizations operate.

See Half the UK willing to go all the way with the boss by Michael Miller for more details.

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