Big business and blogs

An article in The Guardian today - How big business barged in on the bloggers (David Watkins) - suggests blogs, in marketing terms anyway, are "are a great way to make things happen indirectly."

The point being corporations are increasingly less inclined to see blogs as a nuisance particularly where their products are discussed in a favourable light.

Inevitably, the article goes on to discuss how demonised corporate giants, like Walmart for example, have fought back against cyber-attacks.

It seems that bloggers are susceptible to the very same tactics corporations have employed in mainstream media for years, i.e. using the public relations department to send material to bloggers, and suggest stories that may be of interest.

What is more, as only around 5 per cent of bloggers use their own original work, it seems that most bloggers are scratching around for something to say, on a daily basis.

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