Managing, organizational culture and decision-making

A survey released today by the Chartered Management Institute asks senior managers to identify the dominant "culture" in their organisation.

The reason for targeting organizational culture relates to previous information gathering by the CMI, i.e. 62 per cent of managers believe their organisation’s culture has an impact on decision-making.

Key findings include:

• Fear of failure: 22 per cent of managers say their organisation’s culture is ‘risk averse’. Asked about decisions that have been made against their better judgement, 14 per cent said it was the result of bureaucratic processes.

• Lack of trust: Only 12 per cent of managers say their organisation exhibits a trusting culture and less than 1 in 10 (8 per cent) are given ‘sign off’ responsibility

• Reactive not responsive: one third (31 per cent) claim their organisation’s culture is reactive and 8 per cent are wary of the ‘suspicious’ nature of employers. With these views in mind it is no wonder 30 per cent suggest their organisation responds to change in an ad hoc, haphazard, fashion.

It's not clear in the article what dictates organizational culture, but by the sounds of it, it's not senior managers. Further details of the research can be attained from the following article - Fear of failure and suspicion obstruct decision-making in UK organisations.

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