Public opinion on strikes

Yesterday I was one of many UK lecturers taking official strike action in response to a widely recognised problem of low pay in the higher education sector. I am also taking part in action short of strike action which involves the boycott of many things including boycotting student assessment and examination.

Having said all of that, strikes and other forms of industrial protest are subjects that I teach. Therefore I took particular interest in the BBC's "Have your say" on whether Should lecturers go on strike? The direction of the on-line forum is - "What is your reaction to university and college lecturers’ one day strike?" Comments are wide-ranging to say the least as the following examples suggest:

Academic pay is much better than other members of the HE sector so it's disappointing that they have chosen to strike at a time of year that most effects students. Preparation for exams and finalisation of dissertations is a stressful time for finalists so academics should consider what effect their action is having on the education of their consumers.

The strike angers me. I can not understand how peeple who have an average starting wage of £25,000 need to complain. My parents only earn that BETWEEN them, yet they manage to survive fine. So why do lectures need to complain? They should do their job because they love it, not for the money. If they want higher wages, go into a different profession.

Anyone who works in a helping profession deserves to make a decent living since they take on society's burdens and illnesses. Think back to your youth and remember the people who influenced you in some positive way. I'm sure you'll remember a teacher or two. God save our good teachers and brilliant professors!

Some very interesting comments to say the least.

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