Help for mothers returning to the workplace

I blogged only the other day about mothers facing greater discrimination than any other social group and today I came across an article that attempts to address these very problems.

In The mother of all job rejections (Diane Taylor, The Guardian) attention is given to expert opinion on how women should go about getting back into the workplace.

There are a variety of suggestions on offer but by far the greatest consenus concerns the need for women who have spent relatively long periods away from work to start networking again, i.e. a means to get an idea of what jobs are on offer, what skills need to be brushed up on, what support is out there to make the transition as easy as possible, etc.

There are range of on-line resources mentioned at the end of article, but I found the following two web-sites to be particularly interesting:

Women returner's network - a research and lobbying organisation dedicated to helping women returners achieve their aspirations, and

Mother at work - a webzine dedicated to working mothers.

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