The end of the CV?

According to an article in The Scotsman the other week British employers are abandoning the traditional CV when recruiting new workers.

In Employers shun CVs and seek personal referrals to fill jobs (Laura Roberts) it is argued, "that personal recommendations and word-of-mouth are becoming increasingly important when it comes to hiring staff."

The evidence for the shift is apparently related to the rise of small businesses who have a far greater tendency to opt for an informal approach to employment matters such as recruitment and selection.

However, firms have been warned that informal recruitment and selection methods such as personal referrals could leave companies accused of discrimination.

I'd add to that by suggesting how it unfairly puts the onus on the person who may feel discriminated against to prove they have been badly treated, i.e. how do you start to prove something if employers have no policies, keep no records, etc.? No wonder HR gets such a bad press.

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