Latest collection of work-related blogs

I came across quite a range of work-related blogs the other day. Some I got from surfing and some arrived with recommendations via my email - thanks to Bernard and Henry in particular! Note in particular the first Dutch and French additions to my blogroll (not that I can speak either French or Dutch).

9-1-1, how the hell can I help you?: reflecting on the tragedy he is exposed to everyday (USA)
Advocacy blog: independent thinking about independent advocacy (UK)
Blog of a London based student nurse: 20 year old (eeek!) second year Student Nurse and part time EMT - in the private sector (UK/Ireland)
Carnet d'un inspecteur du travail: ticket inspector (I think!) (France)
Confessions of a fire control operator: rants and raves of the UK Fire Service and life in general! (UK)
Diagnosis? N.F.I: musings and occasional rants of an Emergency Care Practitioner (UK_
Dispatcher journal: for 911/EMS/police/fire/ambulance service and friends (USA)
GCS14 - the late night, often sleep deprived ramblings of an Australian Paramedic who may or may not actually be called Rob (Australia)
Internal medicine doctor: commentary on medicine in current events, current events in medicine, and of course, a little fun too (USA)
Learning nursing: an insight into the challenges faced by todays Nursing Student (UK)
Medic 1: Paramedic (Netherlands)
Social work - the real stories: inspired by similar blogs from other professionals, who have used blogs to express the realities of their profession and working life (UK)
Tavern wench: of bars, booze, and bartending (USA)
Trauma queen: working hard to get into the Scottish Ambulance Service and bogged up to the eyeballs with the various assessments to even get to interview (UK)


Kevin, Halifax, NS, Canada said...

Un inspecteur du travail, literally translated, is a work inspector. A quick read, accompanied by my high school French (I'm 50, grin...), makes me believe that the writer is a labour standards officer in France, who handles disputes about contracts, hours of work and that sort of thing.

But I stand to be corrected.

James said...

Merci beaucoup, Kevin. I will make changes soon unless someone else thinks it means something else.