Organizing bloggers and organized blogs

An article on "citizen journalism" grabbed my attention the other day. However, it wasn't the particular story that got me thinking, it was what was happening in terms of blogging and what could happen if bloggers became more organized themselves, or, a non-blogger tried to organize bloggers

The article itself - Korean website's 40,000 citizen journalists get shot at byline in Herald Tribune (Bobbie Johnson and Michael Fitzpatrick, The Guardian) - is about The International Herald Tribune using a Korean news website, which allows anyone to submit an article, to boost sales in the Far East.

In a bit more detail, citizen journalists (around 40,000 at the present time) contribute about three-quarters of articles published by OhmyNews. OhmyNews, in turn, simultaneously employ about 50 in-house writers and editors, who also write articles and vet public material to decide what is printed.

I couldn't help but think about the blogs I'm most interested in and how, if I had the time, energy and expertise, it would be good to have a syndicated news website that covers stories from the workplace. It wouldn't have to be fancy at first and would probably resemble this blog. Can anyone help me set something like this up and explain it without too much IT jargon??!!


Jim Durbin said...

Let me talk to Jason - he set up Recruiting blogs as his feed - and I'm sure we can add your Work blogs list to a feed on your site

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