Bloggers: The "Internet's new storytellers"

A must look at report about blogging was put on-line just yesterday.

The survey seeks to find out if blogging is, "the next step in a burgeoning culture of narcissism and exhibitionism spurred by reality TV and other elements of the modern media environment."

In the main the survey seems to dispute this widely portrayed image of blogs - just like my own bit of research on work-related blogs.

The survey findings instead suggest, "bloggers blog for many different reasons – some blog to exercise their creative muscles, others want to motivate or influence others. Bloggers may want to stay in touch with family and friends, others want to network and meet new people. Bloggers may use their blog as a way of documenting ideas and events and storing them for later retrieval, while others view it as a way to share, to entertain, and even to earn a living."

Have a look for yourself by reading Bloggers: A portrait of the internet's new storytellers by Amanda Lenhart and Susannah Fox of Pew/Internet.

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