Legal issues and blogging

I came across a good article the other day courtesy of NetworkWorld that considers the Legal risks of blogging.

The author (not sure who it is - the name Klosek is mentioned at the end) believes corporations should be wary of blogs for a number of reasons. The reasons to be wary of blogs include: there are potential intellectual-property issues to consider, blogs can expose a company to defamation claims, and, a blogger who discloses personal information about co-workers on a company blog, or on his own blog during company time, may also open the organization and himself to common-law tort actions for invasion of privacy.

Given the potential risks and liabilities of blogging, companies should take the following steps:

• Develop and implement policies establishing the terms and conditions under which employees will be permitted to blog

• Provide training as a component of the blogging policy

• Appoint a corporate representative to field employee blogging questions

• Inform employees of the consequences of violating blogging policies

• Develop and implement a system for monitoring the company's blogs for content that violates terms of use, employee policies or applicable laws

• Ensure that any personal information gathered via company blogs is handled in compliance with applicable privacy laws and company privacy policies

• Develop and implement a policy for retaining and archiving corporate blog content.

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