New EU survey on working hours, pensions and retirement

A new survey by Financial Times/Harris looks at what adults in five European countries think about working hours, pensions and retirement.

Questions asked include:

1) Should the government have the ability to limit the number of hours a worker can work in one week?

2) Would you be prepared to work a longer working week for more pay?

3) What is the maximum number of hours you would be prepared to work regularly in one week if you were compensated accordingly?

4) Should governments have the ability to establish mandatory retirement ages?

5) Would you consider working beyond your country’s official retirement age, even on a part-time basis?

6) Do you worry that your employer will change the terms of your pension before you retire?

7) Do you have enough paid annual leave in a year?

8) On average, do you typically take your paid annual leave in full?

9) In your opinion, which is a better place to work?

10) In your opinion, which is the best European country in which to work?

11) Which one, if any, of the following countries do you think is the greatest threat to global stability?

The survey reveals quite different views from within the EU and the findings will be of use to many.

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