Quarter of British workforce "consider quitting because of a lack of training and career prospects"

An article appeared on the BBC News website today that suggests, "One in four UK employees has either left their job frustrated, or would consider quitting because of a lack of training and career prospects".

The article itself - 'Frustrated' workers seek new job (Thelma Etim, BBC News: Business) - concentrates on the case of one person. Here a public relations professional tells an all too familiar story of how some workers are promised the Earth on securing a job, yet promised training and development opportunities fail to materialise months or even years later.

I tried to a find a link to the actual research, but the article is worth reading if you are person going through something similar at present and need an idea or two about how to put things right.

The research was conducted by City & Guilds and the link takes you to their press release page (in the event they put their findings and suggestions on line in the next few days).

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