Sexism and the workplace

A recent survey by Peninsula suggests, "Sexism in the workplace is on the increase, with almost three out of four (72 per cent) of women claiming they have been bullied because of their gender."

The survey of 2,067 women employees also suggested, "that women in 2006 feel more victimised at the office than they did in 2002, when the survey was last carried out."

Further points of interest include:

- Only 8 per cent of respondents saying they would tell their boss if they were harassed

- More women than ever believe that being female harmed their chances of career progression (82 per cent) in 2006, compared to 78 per cent in 2002

- 85 per cent of women believe there is a male bias in the workplace (up from 82 per cent in 2002).

For more details see: Sexism in UK workplaces on the rise (Michael Miller, Personnel Today).


Anonymous said...

Now it's actually a pleasant surprise to find out that your boss ISN'T sexist.

James said...

Thanks for the comment!

Being a man it's hard to imagine the affects of sexism.

I only hope that if I ever say or do something that is sexist that someone gives me a big kick up the arse!