Trends in student employment

A timely report was recently published by the TUC that looks at trends in student employment.

The report - All Work and Low Pay - "looks at the growth of student employment and discusses how trade unions and students’ unions can work together to develop a modern rights agenda for the campus and the workplace."

The main findings of the report include:

1) Over the last 10 years student employment has grown substantially

2) Student employment is concentrated in retail and hospitality, two of the lowest paying sectors of the economy

3) The growth in women students with part-time jobs has been much greater than among male students

4) Students with jobs tend to spend many hours in paid employment and this has a serious impact on their education and well-being

5) Students from the poorest backgrounds are the most likely to have to work and suffer the consequences.

No surprises really, but it is good to see firm evidence to suggest students are an over-exploited part of the workforce and that the more privileged students continue to get a better start in life compared to their less privileged peers.

The National Union of Students issued this statement to go with the release of the report.

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